Volunteer Park Walking Tour, a mobile app

Volunteer Park Mobile App and the Black Sun

The Volunteer Park Walking Tour mobile app was created during Seattle Give Camp, a wonderful annual event where some of the Puget Sound area's most talented and generous developers team up to build products for nonprofits.

The app launched on iOS and Android, and it was built on the Xamarin mobile app platform.

You can download it, put your ear buds in, and take a walk through the park, learning about 13 interesting and historic places within the park along the way.

I was a mere product owner and content manager on this project over the course of a couple weekends. The crux of the work was completed by some talented developers from Microsoft and other companies. My peers from the Volunteer Park Trust (a group of friends and neighbors who keep Volunteer Park looking beautiful) also pitched in.

You can find the Volunteer Park Walking Tour in the iOS App Store.

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